Saving Roxanne, Part 2

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Read the beginning of Roxanne’s story here.

When I last wrote about Roxanne, it was August 25th and she had been in her foster home for just four days.  It’s now six weeks later and our Roxanne has undergone an incredible transformation thanks to the care of her foster parents, Charlie & Cheryl.

The most obvious change of course is her weight..  She’s gained 26 pounds and is now in a healthy and normal range for her age and size.  But as is typical with dogs that go into foster care, the biggest change has been the renewal of her spirit. Charlie and Cheryl report that Roxanne has left her fear in the past and is now an outgoing girl that loves to meet new people and other dogs.  She spends tons of time playing with her foster pit bull bother and sister and has made great friends with her foster mom’s young grandson.  She’s even come out to a few ARL events where she’s charmed everyone who’s met her with her enthusiastic personality.

And so now, the day that every foster parent both eagerly anticipates and totally dreads has finally come.  Roxanne is officially available for adoption!   If you are interested in meeting her, please email our Foster Coordinator Marcy Tocker.


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