The B.A.R.C. Program

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Rescuing a dog isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.  When the honeymoon wears off, sometimes you’re left with behavioral issues.  Excessive barking, house breaking, and toy guarding are all issues you may encounter with your new dog.  But like most owners, you probably already love your dog and want to help it overcome it’s issues rather than return it to the shelter and let someone else deal with them.  Even with the best intentions, pet owners  don’t always know where to turn.

Our friends at Awesome Dawgs Dog Training, LLC are here to help! Located on Route 12, just outside of Reading, they have a beautiful training facility that includes an indoor agility area, an outdoor dog park and a dog store.  They already have a great reputation for group and private dog and puppy training, but now they’ve created the B.A.R.C. program which is tailored specifically to the needs of shelter dogs.  They believe this program is so important for new owners of shelter dogs, that they’ve kept the cost low – just $100- and they give you a TON of information that will help you and your dog develop a healthy relationship.

Steve Smith is a Certified Dog Trainer at Awesome Dawgs.  He graduated from Kutztown University’s K-9 Education Curriculum, and owns the facility with his wife Mary Jo.  But, he isn’t just a dog trainer.  He teaches people too!  He joined us for our weekly podcast to talk more about this awesome program, everything it includes, and the benefits to both pet and owner.

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