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Each year we are humbled by the number of organizations in our community that choose to raise money for Berks County’s homeless pets.  A regular stream of emails and phone calls come from local businesses, churches, community groups and even individuals that want to hold an event or raise money for the ARL and we are grateful for each and every one. These events keep us in material items like paper towels, bleach, treats and food and also raise a ton of money so that we can provide medical care, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries to our adoptables.

2014 brought a new group to us, and one that isn’t local to Berks County – Sephora of Park City Mall.  Sephora’s corporate headquarters gives their stores $5000 to give to a charity every few years and the Park City branch called us to let us know we were in the running to be their charity.  When asked why they chose us, even though there are shelter’s closer to them, they told us that they liked that we were open admission and that we accepted every animal that came through our doors.

We received word that we’d been approved and would receive $5,000, but that was just the beginning.  The Park City store is filled with animal lovers and they wanted to do more.  The invited us to their store with adoptable animals three times throughout the year, they raised money on their own, they sent volunteers to our Gala, they provided sample bags for every Gala attendee and they solicited auction donations from other stores in the Park City mall.  Pretty incredible right?

Tune in to our latest podcast to hear more about their involvement and the total amount they will be donating to the ARL at the end of this year.  It’s incredible…you want to listen, trust us! Just press play below! If you’d like to hear more podcasts, click here.


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