What is a podcast? A podcast is simply a radio interview that you listen to on the internet. Each week, we will release a 10-ish minute podcast  that you can listen to here, or  subscribe to on iTunes.  Our podcasts are all a piece of the story of us.  Individual stories might be about an animal’s life that was saved, a heartwarming adoption story, or the lengths one of our staff members went to to help a customer.

Each week, you’ll hear what it means to work at the ARL, what the ARL means to our community, and the lives we change as an organization.  We hope you’ll have a listen and we’d love to know what you think!

If you have an exceptional ARL story that you’d like to share on an upcoming podcast, please email Nan Parks. We are currently recruiting for stories about the following:

  • Families that adopted an animal with a small child in the home
  • People who have saved an animal’s life using CPR
  • People who have adopted an animal from our foster program


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