matchdd_logoYou know that pet adoption is for you, but what if you go to the shelter and can’t find the right dog for your living situation? No problem! Match.Dog is a program designed to help you find the perfect dog, without having to go a pet store or take your chances on a breeder. Thousands of dogs enter our shelter each year…big, small, puppies, seniors, active, lazy, purebred and mutts – we can match you with your new best friend. Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Decide the characteristics of your perfect match.  Is it a specific breed? A specific size? Does it need to be hypoallergenic? Great with kids? Like other dogs? Are you hoping for a calm dog, or one that wants to accompany you on hikes? Whatever your wants and needs are, we’ll try our best to find your perfect match!

Step 2: Fill out an adoption application.  Once it’s approved, we’ll add you to our database and call you when a potential match is found. Read our adoption policies and then download an application.  Return your completed application at our front desk, or by email.

Step 3: Come to the shelter and meet your match.  If it’s the right dog for you, you’ll complete your adoption and take the dog home.  If not, we’ll keep you in the database and call when we have another match.