If you’re looking to combat a rodent problem in a barn, warehouse, workshop or other structure without the use of an exterminator or chemicals, consider adopting a barn cat. Barn cats are typically less-socialized working cats who prefer living unconfined and with limited human interaction, making them unsuitable to adopt as indoor family pets, but making them perfect candidates for controlling mice and other nuisance rodents naturally. These cats are offered to anyone who is willing to provide them a stable and suitable sheltered environment in which to live, fresh food and water daily, as well as medical care as necessary. In exchange, the ARL provides help and support to acclimate your barn cat to its new home until he or she is ready to begin work!

Your adoption process starts with a consultation with our barn cat staff, who personally know the distinct personalities of our barn cat population and will help you select the ideal cat(s) for your needs. Each cat is then provided to you already spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated. Our staff works with you to identify the best area in your structure for the initial confinement of the cat(s), and will assist you in helping your cat(s) feel at home. In exchange for your cat’s rodent control services, owners will want to provide your cat(s) with fresh food and water daily, access to a scooped litter box and shelter.

To learn more about this program, please contact our placement manager, Alex Young, at ayoung@berksarl.org or by phone at 610-373-8830 x125.


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