With milder temperatures forecasted for the weekend, the ARL will lift Code BLUE on Saturday, January 26 at 10AM. The code had previously been enacted until Monday, January 28. The ARL will re-evaluate weather conditions early next week to determine if the code needs to be enforced again during next week’s forecasted rain and snow events, as well as when the temperature is forecasted to be 20 degrees or less.

In accordance with Bill #22, an amendment added to the City Code, Chapter 141, Part 2 Animals, Section 205 Caring for Animals in 2015, any person who owns, possesses, or has custody of a dog must bring the animal inside their residence for the duration of the code, except for supervised and necessary bathroom breaks and exercise. Additionally, non-compliance can result in the animal being removed by an Animal Control Officer from the property and impounded at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. Owners will have 48 hours after the code has been lifted to pick up their animal and will be subject to applicable sheltering fees.

Executive Director Tom Hubric notes that even though the code will be lifted, temperatures are still too cold for indoor pets to spend excessive time outdoors, unless they are being actively exercised or attended to with their owners. “If the temperatures are too cold for you to be sitting outside comfortably, they’re too cold for your pet, too.”