ARL Rocks!

We receive so much nice feedback from our customers that we thought it finally time to toot our horn.    Do you have a story to share about your experience at the ARL?  Email it to us!

An Amazing Animal Family

“What a great place!!  I always knew there were good people at the ARL, and that it was a kind and generous organization, but everyone went above and beyond over a little guinea pig!!  I expected to leave with Ellie, that’s it.  The ARL crew offered me a cage (which I didn’t need, but how cool of them!), they gave me treats for her that the Girl Scouts put together, they even went into storage to get a little house for inside her cage.  I adopted Ellie from Kristi, who works there, and she was more than kind to take the time to tell me all about Ellie and what she likes to eat.  Marcy came out of her office to give me a big hug.  What an amazing animal family.  Serious, I left not only with an adorable guinea pig, but with an armful of goodies and a very warm feeling from all the kindness.  I can’t thank them enough.” Kristi Szczepkowski

Compassion & Understanding

“A little over a week ago we had to put our very loving Great Dane down due to cancer and a stroke. It was unexpected and happened very quickly. I want to thank all the ladies that were working that day.They were incredibly kind, caring and understanding. I can’t thank them enough, not everyone takes that time to show they care, especially when they are at work and it’s just part of their normal day. Thank you for your compassion and understanding and for making an extremely difficult decision just a bit easier to bear.”  -Chrystal Albert Frantz

Professional & Courteous

“I wanted to drop you a line concerning an incident at my home Friday evening.  When I left for work Friday morning I encountered a black cat with a severe facial wound.  I had reached into one of my ferals heated dog houses when I heard snarling etc…I immediately looked inside and found the injured cat.  The cat ran off and I had to leave for work.  When I returned home and later checked my feral’s houses the injured cat was back in one of the houses.  I then contacted the ARL on call person and spoke with Jaime.  She advised me to put something over the entrance to the house which I did to secure the cat.  She then responded to my home and very carefully removed the injured cat.  It was a very sad situation for the injured animal.  I wanted to let you know Jaime was very professional and courteous.  I certainly was at a loss and I was very appreciative that the ARL responded for the injured animal.  My wife and I care for three ferals cats at our home.  I had trapped them and they received TNR from Fairchild Foundation.  I also try to help them when I can when they have clinic at the ARL.  Thanks again for your assistance!” -Ronald D. Uczynski Jr.

A Passion to Rescue

“I can’t say enough about ARL and the Grey Muzzle Program! Our relationship with this great group of passionate people began when we we’re looking to adopt a senior dog for my mother after the death of my father in February 2011. We worked with 2 members of the ARL Board and were introduced to a darling Yorkie Terrier named Savannah Grace. She melted our hearts as well as my mother’s! ARL and their team of amazing volunteers had rescued “Savvy” in a parking lot; she had a number of serious issues which we’re completely handled by these loving volunteers.  To see their passion to rescue and bring Savvy back to health was so heartwarming……something we really needed at this time in our lives. Long story short, we wound up keeping Savvy for ourselves (after she stole our hearts!) and then adopted another dog, Scooter from the ARL Grey Muzzle Program for mother! We LOVE ARL and everything Grey Muzzle and the organization does for this community!” -Karen Marsdale

Kind Souls

“Honey, our husky mix, was about nine years old when we adopted her from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. She was our first older animal adoption, but certainly not our first adoption, as all of our animals were homeless before they joined our family. 

Honey is about 13 years old now and she’s showing her age, but she is still the gentle, laid back sweetheart that she was when Nicole and Pam, kinds souls who work(ed) for the ARL, convinced us that she would be a perfect fit for our family. They were absolutely right. She was patient when our kids were very small and even tolerant of the cats who rule our roost. Had the ARL not been a place that openly accepted and older animal that can be hard to adopt out, we wouldn’t have our wonderful friend. The ARL is filled with workers and volunteers that had Honey’s best interests in mind (Pam fostered her before the ARL had a Grey Muzzle Program!), and for that we are grateful.” – Thank you ARL, Honey’s mom, Honey, and other adoptees in our family from the ARL- Luna and Clara


“We proudly support ARL and can’t thank you enough for our boy!  The staff is one of the most dedicated and caring groups that I have come across in public shelters as well as private rescue groups.  No other shelter in  Eastern PA compares! You guys are amazing!” Kelly Haare

Helpful & Kind

“I went to the ARL many times when I was younger to take the biggest dogs in the shelter out to run and get their energy out but did not adopt any animals for years since I could not have any more pets. After the death of my 14 year old cat, I came back to the ARL on a dreary Saturday to get my mind off of the grief and give some love to other cats who needed it. There is where I met my current cat, Washington (formally known as Pickles), a black and white big boy who was  2-3 years old. I wasn’t going there planning on adopting any animals, but he was such a character all by himself in that cage, he refused to go back in after I was holding him. I thought I was crazy but less than an hour later he was being micro-chipped and put in a box to take home! Everyone was very helpful and kind during the process. I have also found lost dogs and taken them in and always felt they were in good hands. No animals are turned away, even pitbulls, which the ARL does not discriminate against. (THANK GOD!) Each are given the most love and attention that they can get. I will always recommend the ARL when I hear of someone looking for a new pet addition to their family.” -Danielle

Amazing Staff

“I had to euthanize my Aussie several years ago.  We’d raised her from a puppy, and it was such a hard experience that I was literally at a loss for words when I arrived.  The staff was amazing and very respectful of my feelings.  Several days later I received a condolence card in the mail with a personal note.  To this day I don’t know if it’s your policy, or if it was the kindness of an individual, but that card & note really helped me–and I always knew that I would be back to help out in some way.” Thanks, Rich Geedey

 Great Care

“Awesome, awesome folks there! Take such great care of the animals….and very helpful!…Brings me joy to see the care they give to them! Thanks so much for all your hard work you all do! You all have made our home happier and happier with the additions we have adopted from ARL!” Thanks so much,  Heather Hurley


“I did some community service there and they take very well care of the animals they feed and medicate regularly. Cages are cleaned inside and out every day and they have really cute and healthy dogs of all ages.” Amanda Forbes