ARL Alumni

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Tank (Formerly Scooter)

Adopted by Robin Fulmer


Adopted by Taylor Rem


Adopted by Kathy and Dan Cain

This is Lady. She was a mother in a puppy mill. Now the only “puppies” she cares for are her 15+ squeaky toys!

She is a beautiful, loving dog that lives up to her new name, Lady.

– Kathi and Dan Cain


Adopted by Toni Golden

We love him so much!!!

– Toni Golden


Adopted by Arthur Arnold

Hi! Remember me? I Ieft rescue two days before Thanksgiving to live with my new dad at Chipperfield House. Christmas was fun, but my birthday was better, I had ice cream and toys!Friends came to bring more toys and treats. I am gaining weight, so as soon as we have warm weather, I am going to take dad on loving walks in the country

-Faust Arnold


Adopted by Hannah Gehris

Henry (Formerly Harry)

Adopted by Sarah Wagner


Adopted by L Young

We love him so much and Murphy has become a special part of our family! It was a rough start, he ate our couch and chewed up countless shoes but he has come so far this year since his gotchya day. Murph has gone to puppy school and is a work in progress lol!  He is king of the campground, master of the yard and the best friend to our daughter. We LOVE him so!!

-The Young Family


Adopted by Becca Rigg

Nova (Formerly Mika)

Adopted by Christa Kratz


Adopted by Megan Martin

We adopted Flik almost a year ago and he has been a blessing to our family. He is wild and crazy but so loving and snuggly. He’s a perfect fit for us.



Adopted by Jacki York


Adopted by Jacki York

Alice (Formerly Hermione)

Adopted by Jacki York


Adopted by Dennis Bundra

Life after supper and a walk.




Adopted by Lois Ullman

Here is Cookie! I adopted her after Thanksgiving. She turned 1 year old in May and has brought so much happiness into my life. After losing the last of my 3 dogs the weekend after Thanksgiving I was so upset and depressed. A friend referred me to the ARL. Cookie and I bonded through her cage. She is an absolute sweetheart and I thank the staff at ARL for taking such good care of her.



Adopted by Joseph & Karen Casal

Remi (Formerly Gary)

Adopted by Janet Hurlbrink

Naevia (Formerly Josie)

Adopted by Ashley Bigos


Adopted by Deb Turner

She is a very fine lovable kitty.  She is eating well and very active. And she sleeps through the night!  She is very accepting to handling, having her nails trimmed, and our daily schedule.  She gets along fine with our dog Elwood, a small terrier mix

Gail (Foster Parent) – you did a wonderful job of fostering her.  We thank you for what you do, giving these little fur babies a great start in life.

-Deb Turner


Adopted by Albert Sweitzer

Agatha was one of the kittens in the foster program . Since she left the ARL she has become The Cat Fancier Associations youngest Grand Champion in CFA history in the House hold pet division . She is also currently ranked in the top Twenty five for the North Atlantic region also for the same division and has accomplished Best House hold pet in show numerous times at just 5 months old . She truly loves being shown and is a big ham at home or at a show . I’m truly blessed to have found her !

-Albert Sweitzer


Adopted by Deb & Tracey

Sunny, Sassy, and Shadow

Adopted by Holly Kachel

About 2 weeks ago my family adopted Sunny (Athena). Instantly my other 2 cats Sassy (Joon) and Shadow (Benny) who we adopted in January, took to her. They enjoy bird watching, playing with each other and their toys. Sassy is like a mother to Sunny always watching her and Shadow play and if they get a little to rough she steps in. They are doing great and get a lot of love!

-Holly Kachel

 Puggy & Ginger

Adopted by Sue & Dave Roth

In November 2016, our previous min pin, Jake, crossed over the rainbow bridge, just 2 days short of 4 years of adopting him from your grey muzzle program.

He was a very special little man to us. The pain of losing him was unbearable not only to us but to our puggle, Miss Puggy, as well. We had no intentions of adopting another furbaby, but Puggy went into depression.

One day in February 2017, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a live feed on Y102 (I believe). One of your staff members was there with a puggle named Ginger. She was only a few months older than Puggy. A perfect match!

A year later, Ginger and Puggy are the best of friends! Ginger is such a sweetheart that makes you wonder what kind of people would want to get rid of her. She is so loved and is quite a happy girl with her tail always wagging.

With Jake and Ginger both being seniors when adopted, I can’t stress enough to people to not overlook the older furbabies. They need loving, too!

I am so grateful to ARL for caring for my furbabies before they found their furever home with us. You should be very proud of your hard work.

Thank you so much.

-Sue and Dave Roth


Adopted by Aimee Uger


Adopted by Chelsea Dziamba


Adopted by Brooke Castner


Adopted by Brooke Castner


Adopted by Brooke Castner


Adopted by Brooke Castner


Adopted by Jessie Wickersham


Adopted by Don Smith

Mia ( Formerly Mozzi)

Adopted by Jose Dejesus


Adopted by Amy Mawson

We adopted Holly last Summer.  We already had the Bichon Poodle pictured here with her and a Boston Terrier as well.  Holly is very protective of her two buddies, always going out into yard whenever they go and playing the fence game with her neighbor doggie friends.  She also likes going to Bruster’s for her doggie sundaes.

– Amy


Adopted by Jason Gregro

This is Wally and we got him about 5 years ago from the ARL. He was a drop off by his owner and the surrender reason said inconvenience to lifestyle. I snatched him up right away especially since I had just lost my yellow lab who looked just like him, pink nose and all to cancer about a week before. I know it sounds a little soon, but we were dropping off Redner’s receipts and my son walked down the big dog kennel ahead of me and said Mommy there is a dog that looks like Nuna (which was the name of  lab we had just lost). It just seemed meant to be. Neighbors didn’ t even know I got another dog when walking him around neighborhood since they looked almost identical. He is my son’ s best friend and We Love him so much.

– Jason


Adopted by Sue Roth


Adopted by Jenna Freymoyer


Adopted by Julie Brunnick



Adopted by Bettina Renninger

Tilly & Mr. Meowington

Adopted by Patricia Frymyer

We could not be happier with these cats!  They are awesome!  Mister is sneaky though – he likes to swat food from our hands and walk off with it… I think he learned that from the dogs!  You can tell they received a lot of love – I know Tilly was in a foster home and it’s obvious how well she was treated there.  She’s a super sweet cat (but, she’s a blanket thief, so we have to be careful! LOL)  And I scratch my head every day wondering who got rid of Mr. Meowington?  What a sweet cat!!  Someone loved him once; now we’re the lucky ones to have him!



Adopted by Tracey Carabello

My husband had been diagnosed with cancer and had not worked since Nov of 2013, so I was working 2 jobs to try and make ends meet. Our children were all grown, and therefore John was alone most of the day, every day. I was working at the ARL on the weekends, and had been walking the big dogs that most people weren’t…and there was Norm! He was a big boy! A Cane (pronounced “Cah-nay”) Corso/Italian Mastiff who had been surrendered by his family – with droopy jowls, golden-brown eyes, and beautiful brindle coloring. After walking him a couple times, the Kennel Manager asked if I would consider fostering him because he was really deteriorating emotionally, having been at the shelter for almost 2 months. My husband was not in favor of it – he didn’t think he could take care of a dog – but I was certain that taking care of a dog would be beneficial…so we brought Norm home as a Foster. Within a week there was no way we could imagine our lives without him! He was my husband’s constant companion: his reason to get up and moving (when Norm needed to go out), and his source of comfort after chemo. Norm seemed to know exactly what level of activity John was capable of…if some tennis ball play in the yard was good, or if he just needed to lay by the couch all day and let John stroke his back on those really bad days. John lost his battle on April 17th of 2016, but they had a wonderful 10 months together – each of them making the other’s life infinitely better than it would have been, alone. I am so grateful to the ARL for bringing Norm into our lives. He was an absolute God-send to my husband during his illness – and to me, knowing that John was not ever alone. And, now, I am so grateful that I have Norm to come home to, myself, at night! His unconditional love and sloppy wet kisses make every day so much better!


Luna (Formerly Spice)

Adopted by Jenna Gagliano


Adopted by Kory Moore

Scruff & Triss

Adopted by Mathew Deal


Adopted by Margaret Henkels

Elias (Formerly Oliver)

Adopted by Deanna Hullinger


Adopted by Penelope Sproul


Adopted by Robert Wickstrom


Adopted by Vanessa Sheidy




Adopted by Kathy Millisock and Ronald Anderson

Shadow (Formerly Benny)

Adopted by Holly


Sassy (Formerly Joon)

Adopted by Holly


Adopted by Michael Blevins

Hercules (Formerly Gremlin)

Adopted by Allison Girardi


Adopted by Jenna Freymoyer

Dexter (Formerly Ebony)

Adopted by Phoebe Canakis


Adopted by Sara Ritter


Adopted by Erin Garber


Adopted by Brian Strawhacker


Adopted by Kiberly Pratt-Brady

Shaniah (Formerly Elsa)

Adopted by Patty McGlynn


Adopted by Kristi Bonanno Szczepkowski


Adopted by Kim Lien


Adopted by Kelley Lesniak


Adopted by Gina Scornavacchi


Adopted by Katelyn Elizabeth


Adopted by Dee Koutsourais


Adopted by Allison Renee

Ridley (Formerly Jasper)

Adopted by Rashell Delvechino


Adopted by Colleen Collins

Carson (Formerly Casper)

Adopted by Kathy Millisock


Adopted by the Hobart Family


Adopted by Lisa Williams


Adopted by Lisa Williams

Smokey (Formerly Pookah)

Adopted by Karen Campbell

Jackson (Formerly Jedi)

Adopted by Karen Campbell


Adopted by Liz Nowrey

Monty (Formerly Versteeg)

Adopted by Matt Gilmer


Adopted by Rebecca Oxenreider


Adopted by Patty Hughs


Adopted by Sue H.

Lucy (Formerly Creamsicle) &Leo

Adopted by Ron & Sue Polityka


Adopted by Chris Nieder


Adopted by Kelly Mason

Trapper & Pita (Formerly Coco)

Adopted by Brenda Blasdel


Adopted by Diane Kelemen


Adopted by Sandra Byrnes


Adopted by Tammy Bartle


Adopted by Denise Alston


Adopted by Betty Estep

Jack (Formerly Gouda)

Adopted by Samantha Dawson

Stormy (Formerly Midnight)

Adopted by Samantha Dawson


Adopted by Brian Hatenstine


Adopted by Seth Adams


Adopted by Karen Wagner


Adopted by the Buckholz Family


Adopted by Steve Messer

Mia (Formerly Mozzi)

Adopted by Jose DeJesus


Adopted by Megan Spillane-Holden



Adopted by Kayla Milkins