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Due to an outbreak of parvovirus in Berks County, the ARL is offering DHPP vaccine clinics from 5-7PM on Wednesday, August 21; Wednesday, September 11; and Wednesday, October 2. The canine DHPP vaccine is suggested for all dogs who are at least 6-8 weeks old.

DHPP covers the following debilitating or deadly viruses:

  • Distemper virus — Attacks the lungs and affects the function of the brain and spinal cord; disease can be fatal
  • Hepatitis — Affects the liver and can cause loss of vision
  • Parainfluenza — Respiratory virus that causes coughing
  • Parvovirus — Attacks the lining of the intestinal tract and damages the heart of very young puppies; disease can be fatal

Vaccines are $16 per dog, which covers the first vaccine, as well as the second booster, which is administered three weeks following the initial inoculation. The DHPP vaccine is good for one year.

To register, please select one of the following options and pre-pay for your vaccination and booster. Please register each dog individually. 

  • OPTION 1: Wednesday, August 21, with your booster clinic on Wednesday, September 11. Both clinics are from 5-7PM.
  • OPTION 2: Wednesday, September 11, with your booster clinic on Wednesday, October 2. Both clinics are from 5-7PM.

Please note: If your puppy is 16 weeks old or younger at the time of the first vaccination, your puppy will require a third inoculation to be fully vaccinated, which will be an additional $8.

If you are unable to attend the booster clinic, our staff is able to schedule your booster appointment during business hours by request.

For questions, please contact the ARL at 610-373-8830. Thank you!


  • OPTION 1: August 21 & September 11
    August 21, 2019
    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • OPTION 2: September 11 & October 2
    September 11, 2019
    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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