Meet Freddie, a seven week old kitten who was found deserted at our shelter with a severe infection in both eyes, causing one to rupture and the other to be pasted shut. While bacterial infections can often cause mild discomfort in cats, if left untreated, symptoms can worsen and even lead to severe health conditions.While our medical team worked quickly to exam him and ensure his wellbeing, he immediately expressed alarming signs of pain and stress between shivering, crying, and refusing to eat. Our veterinary team quickly recognized that Freddie was experiencing the side effects of a severe bacterial infection that had been left untreated.

By the time he was examined by our team, Freddie had already gone blind. However, there was still time to alleviate the pain he was experiencing. Our veterinary team performed a bilateral enucleation, a surgery that removed both of his eyes to relieve him from his pain as well as the primary source of the infection. Since his surgery, Freddie has been in a steady recovery in foster care as he continues to receive the antibiotics and care he needs to thrive. In addition to his successful surgery, his foster family will officially adopt him once he is medically cleared!

Freddie’s story is just a glimpse into the scenarios of animals that enter our shelter and rely on our care every single day. We believe every animal is deserving the care and treatment they need to thrive. Thanks to the hard work of our veterinary staff and ongoing generosity of our donors, we have been able to expand our ability to offer high quality and compassionate care to all animals in our care, just like Freddie. Just as their lives have been touched by the lifesaving work of our team, we too are touched by the stories of every animal we serve.



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