From left: Scott Philbrook (co-host of Astonishing Legends), Richard Hatem (television and film screenwriter), and Forrest Burgess (co-host of Astonishing Legends).

What do a paranormal podcast, the screenplay writer of the Mothman Prophecies, and the ARL have in common? Nothing, until a simple bet connected us.

Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess are the co-hosts of Astonishing Legends, a California based paranormal podcast that investigates, explores, and embraces the unknown in our world. On March 27, 2021, they aired a podcast featuring Richard Hatem, a television and film screenwriter and producer, most known for writing the screenplay for the movie, The Mothman Prophecies. You may also know him from his other collaborative works, including the series Miracles, Supernatural, The Dead Zone, The Gates, Grimm, Dead of Summer, and most recently the amazing DC Comic series Titans.

In this particular episode, Terry Carnation, fictional character played by Rainn Wilson from The Office, was tasked with conning Rich into playing a version of a game show, in the spirit of America’s NPR radio program Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and Britain’s Would I Lie to You? Rich heard three outrageous paranormal stories and had to guess which one was fake. If he lost, (spoiler: he did!) he had to donate to a charity of Astonishing Legends’ choice.

A quick search for animal welfare organizations on Charity Navigator led Scott and Forrest to the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. Why would they choose us when they are in North Carolina and California? Charity Navigator! When searching for animal welfare organizations, Scott was impressed that the ARL has the highest rating a charity can have on Charity Navigator and wanted to support an animal welfare organization close to where he used to live in Pennsylvania.

We often are not sure that the painstaking work we put into entering data onto sites like Charity Navigator will pay off, but this was a wonderful reminder that people all over the country want to support organizations that take transparency and donor dollars seriously, and we cannot thank Scott, Forrest, and Rich enough for their support!

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