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Untitled-1Pieces of Nettie Price’s art have adorned the walls of the ARL since November 2014 when a partnership first developed after Nettie donated artwork to the ARL’s Annual Gala for auction.  All of the individual pieces displayed at the shelter are for sale and Nettie donates 20% of the proceeds from any piece sold at the shelter back to the ARL.

Shoppers can benefit the ARL by purchasing from Nettie’s website as well where a wider variety of art and sizes are available. Simply enter the code “ARL20” in the comment section at checkout and Nettie will donate 20% of your purchase to the ARL.

Nettie generously donated her time and talent to create a custom mural in the ARL’s Meet & Greet room.  Please stop in to the shelter and check out her beautiful work!

Nettie Price is an artist from Reading, PA.  A former Math & Science teacher in the Prison & Youth Detention, she started by painting her students as quirky cats and dogs to make her smile.  Soon she realized it made others smile too and there began the story of Nettie Price Sparkling Art. In 2012 she left teaching to focus on her growing business full time.    Currently her artwork & gift items can be found in unique locations throughout the US and abroad.  She is represented by Looking Good Licensing.