Community Service


All community service applicants will want to print and complete a Community Service Application, Comm Service Agreement, and Waiver. Bring these documents along with your photo ID and any probation/court paperwork. We also do not accept juvenile offenders for community service. 

If you have been assigned to do community service work at the Animal Rescue League, please review the following information before calling the ARL to sign up for the required Orientation Class. You must attend an Orientation Class prior to working community service hours at our shelter–NO exceptions. Orientation classes take one hour. If you want to stay after Orientation and work for a few hours, you must wear appropriate clothing (see below). Before calling the ARL to see when the next available Orientation Class is, please note the following:

We will NOT ACCEPT any community service volunteers who have been charged with any violent crimes or acts of violence or animal abuse-NO EXCEPTIONS. Background checks will be done.

To register for Community Service hours please contact Kim Hoffman, Animal Care Manager, at 610-373-8830. On your first day, you must bring an actual copy of your charge, photo ID, your hourly tracking sheet and any other forms you need completed. You may contact Kim with any further questions by phone or email.

Community Service Rules & Expectations

Thank you for considering giving back to the community and the Animal Rescue League. Listed below are the rules and regulations set forth to ensure the hours worked help both you and the homeless pets who benefit from your service.

• You are required to arrive on-time and be ready to work: You may sign up for your shifts on our online calendar or the calendar provided in the sign in area. You are expected to work the shifts you commit to. If you are unable to make one of your scheduled shifts, please contact Kim. If you don’t call and/or don’t show up for your shift, your community service will be immediately terminated.

• Dress Code: Wear closed toe sneakers, pants, and shirt/sweatshirt that you don’t mind getting dirty. Dress for the weather as some of your time will be spent outdoors. You are not permitted to wear offensive clothing, low cut shirts, short shorts, sandals, etc. Dress codes are meant for your safety. All community service volunteers must wear a name badge during shifts. Volunteers not in compliance with the dress code will be sent home (NO EXCEPTIONS).

• Cell Phones: Personal cell phones are to remain out of site during your shift. If you are found using your cell phone during your assigned shift, you will be sent home and will not be able to complete your hours.

• Relationships: You may not engage in a relationship and/or date employees of the Animal Rescue League during time of service. Entering into a relationship/dating an employee will result in immediate termination.

• Documentation: Community Service volunteers will use the Community Service notebooks in the sign in area. These are clearly marked “Adult” and “ARL.” Community Service volunteers must sign-in when they arrive and sign-out when they leave. You will be required to sign in/out of the “ARL” notebook in addition to the notebook. No credit will be given for shifts not signed in/out in the notebook, or if a volunteer is sent home due to misconduct. If you are required to complete any additional paperwork from the court, please make the Community Service Coordinator aware at the beginning of your hours.

• Duties are not limited to, but may include: Cleaning kennels, sorting donations, laundry, racking, shoveling, collecting trash, sweeping, moping, office work etc. Community Service volunteers help ARL staff with projects as needed. This is an active role with your shift spent on your feet. Lifting and frequent bending is required. Please make the Community Service Coordinator aware of any allergies or personal concerns prior to beginning your time. You are not permitted to interact with dogs/cats in a volunteer manner while completing hours. Tasks such as brushing, walking and adoption will be permitted upon the completion of your hours. If you have completed the tasks assigned to you, it is your responsibility to ask for more tasks. Standing and sitting around will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination.

• Behavior: Swearing, stealing, alcohol and/or drug use, violence towards people and/or animals will not tolerated. These behaviors will result in immediate termination of hours and referral to law enforcement.

• Expectations: Community Service volunteers are expected to be on time for shifts, help staff as needed, show initiative in seeking out projects when completed, ask questions if unsure about something, and show compassion and humane treatment towards animals at all times. Failure to do so may result in termination of your placement at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County.

• Community Service Completion: Probation officers come by weekly to document hours for the court. Hours not written in the notebook will not be counted towards completed hours.

• Volunteer Program: Community Service volunteers interested in continuing as part of the volunteer program must have successfully completed their community service hours. Those interested may contact the Outreach Coordinator about opportunities after hours have been completed.


The following hours are available to you:

Sunday               8:30am-7pm

Monday               8:30am-8pm

Tuesday              8:30am-8pm

Wednesday        8:30am-8pm

Thursday            8:30am-8pm

Friday                  8:30am-8pm

Saturday             8:30am-7pm


Holiday hours vary. Check with staff before making plans to complete hours on holidays.

Please be sure to sign in/out of the correct record books. Failure to sign in/out of the books will result in a loss of hours for that day.