When Miku, a 10 year old stray domestic shorthair, was found as a stray in the city of Philadelphia, she was in some of the roughest shape of her life. Covered in lesions and sores as well as being filthy from enduring however long she was abandoned outside, it was clear that Miku was in pain and experiencing an unhealthy quality of life. As if she was not already experiencing enough discomfort, she was discovered to have a lip avulsion injury that caused skin to be pulled off her jawbone, and she was also suffering from severe dental disease with only 4 of her teeth remaining.

Luckily, our friends at ACCT Philly were able to get her into their care before her health further deteriorated. After performing a medical exam on Miku, they realized that they were unable to provide her with the care that she needed to make a steady recovery. As many shelters face these struggles every day based on their limited capabilities and capacity, it is common to transfer animals like Miku to other shelters and rescue groups who are more suitable for taking on the required care of the animal. So, when the team at ACCT Philly asked us if we would be willing to transfer Miku in, we gladly welcomed her into our care and anticipated allowing her a comfortable space to receive the care and recovery she needed.

Miku’s family fell in love with her when they met her at the shelter. Now she is getting cozy and settled in her new home.

Once our medical team was able to examine Miku, a steady plan for her road to recovery was well in the works. First, a bath and proper cleaning was quite literally the doctor’s order. Not having any idea of the last time Miku had been cared for, if ever, it was easy to see that feeling clean and sanitary had already perked her up and provided relief. Once she was cleaned up, our lead veterinarian, Dr. Banning, was able to take on the hefty work and repair her lip avulsion and remove her teeth that had become severely infected. Not long after she was out of surgery, she felt instantly relieved after receiving antibiotics and topical therapy for her skin lesions. It took a few weeks to fully recover after all of her medical care, but soon, we discovered that Miku was actually a very loving and happy-go-lucky girl who just needed some love and care to show her true colors!

After making a full recovery and being prepped for adoption, Miku found her forever home in just a few days! While her path to recovery was long and far from easy, her journey has taken her a long way from where she first began, and we are relieved that she was able to be cared for just in time to live out the rest of her golden days in peace. And that is definitely what she has been up to post-adoption, according to her new family. They have remarked that Miku has been a perfect fit for their family, and she has already made herself comfortable in her new home.

Miku’s story is just a glimpse into the scenarios of animals that enter our shelter and rely on our care every single day. No animal should ever have to suffer through the degree of pain and discomfort in which Miku endured during her time outdoors. Thanks to our growing veterinary staff and recent gifts from generous donors (which you can read all about here), we have been able to expand our ability to offer high quality and compassionate care to all animals in our care, just like Miku. Just as their lives have been touched by the lifesaving work of our team, we too are touched by the stories of every animal we serve.

Help us help more animals like Miku.

Named after a ten month old terrier chihuahua mix who was rescued with a broken leg after being abused in a parking lot, Jack’s Fund allocates gifts directly towards emergency medical care for animals who have been neglected, abused, or injured. Your support allows our veterinary team to save animals whose lives are dependent on us after experiencing traumas that no animal should have to endure. Contributions to this fund provide a clear peace of mind that we will never have to worry about animals in crisis not receiving the care they need in time.

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