Beba, a little Yorkie, was brought to our Pet Help Center clearly ill; hardly eating and drinking and had pyometra, an infection of the uterus. Her owner’s private veterinarian quoted a treatment regime that would cost over $2,000, which her owners could not afford. 

Knowing that she needed care and wanting to do the right thing for their beloved pet, they brought Beba to the one place they thought could help them: the ARL. After an examination by one of our veterinarians, it was determined that her condition could be deadly if left untreated. Our veterinarian was able to perform the emergency surgery, which is normally very expensive when done at a private veterinary practice.

Had it not been for the Pet Help Center, Beba’s owners would have been left with no other affordable alternative other than humane euthanasia. Beba came out of the surgery beautifully and she was able to return home with her family within two days. What normally would have cost Beba’s family thousands of dollars, only cost $600 thanks to the donor-funded emergency surgery subsidies provided to families through the Pet Help Center. 

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