Humane Investigation

crueltydogThe Animal Rescue League employs three Humane & Animal Control Officers that serve Berks county.  These officers investigate cruelty complaints all over Berks County and enforce the Cruelty to Animals law. The ARL officers respond to each complaint on an individual basis and they make every attempt to correct the situation before filing a case with the courts. ARL strives to protect the welfare of both companion and farm animals.If you have a concern please call 610-373-8830 x106 or e-mail us.

If you need to contact a Humane Police Officer outside of Berks County, please click here.

In general, our officers look for the following factors when investigating a case:

  • Does the animal have access to an appropriate shelter?  For dogs this shelter should have four walls, a roof, floor and be sized proportionately to the animal so that body heat can be retained.
  • Does the animal have access to adequate food?
  • Does the animal have access to clean water?
  • Does the animal have access to veterinary care?

Our Humane Officers work M-F 9am – 5pm.   If you believe there is an emergency, after hours or on weekends, please call your local police department.

Humane education programs are offered to schools, community groups, and senior citizen centers, call 610-373-8830 x 120 or email us.