Veterinary Services

A modern surgery clinic adjacent to the shelter kennels was opened in the late 1980s and offers neutering and spaying to the public. Approximately 2,000 animals are treated at the surgery center each year.

When you adopt your new pet from the Animal Rescue League, the surgery center provides free spaying/neutering/micro-chipping and an Advantage flea treatment.

Additionally, in an effort to combat the overpopulation problem the ARL has teamed up with other Spay/Neuter groups.   These organizations have use of the ARL surgery center on a monthly basis.  They bring their own veterinarians and staff and they are taking a proactive approach to try and eliminate the over-population problem.

The Fairchild Foundation runs a “trap, neuter and return” program to help control the feral cat population.  (By appointment only)  For more information about the organization or to request assistance with a feral colony visit their website.