The Animal Rescue League of Berks County’s board of directors and executive leadership elected to move to a fee-for-service contract for all municipal contracts to ensure fairness among all municipalities in Berks County, and to reduce a million dollar budget shortfall that occurs annually from the inequity of these contracts, which are paid for by donations of the municipality’s choosing rather than set contracted amounts based upon the utilization of services. The new contracts will take effect on January 1, 2019 if municipalities agree to continue service with the ARL.

To download a fact sheet regarding these changes, please click here.

To download a spreadsheet detailing animal intakes from 2016 and 2017, as well as estimated ARL expenses and municipal payments, please click here. PLEASE NOTE: All animals dropped off in the ARL’s after-hours stray building in 2016 and 2017 were considered Cumru Township intakes, which is why that township’s stray intake is significantly higher than all other townships. The township’s estimated costs are inaccurate because of this. The after-hours stray building was closed to the public this spring. To be able to drop off an animal after hours, all visitors must now identify themselves and provide detailed information about where the animal was found so that we can properly register the animal to the correct taxing municipality. 

For questions from municipal management, please contact Tom Hubric, executive director, at or 610-373-8830 x121. For questions from media representatives, please contact Jennifer Breton, marketing director, at or 610-373-8830 x116.

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