The ARL’s August 2018 live release rates continue to show the organization’s dramatic improvement over the previous year
As part of our Push P.A.W.S. initiative, the ARL publishes our live release rates monthly. As you can see, August remains a difficult month for our area and our shelter with normal and natural kitten and cat deaths. However, when we extrapolated data from August of 2017, we’re incredibly proud to tell you that our cat rates improved 50% over last August!
And our good news doesn’t end there: To date, we have increased our adoptions by 60% over 2017, and we have improved relationships with other rescues to transfer out more than 250 more animals over the same time period in 2017.
More importantly, to date, the ARL has not euthanized a single kitten, cat, dog or cat (or any other animal, for that matter) for space constraints.
We’re not going to lie: This is HARD work. Our staff and volunteers work long and difficult hours caring for all of the animals at the shelter. We are constantly needing more: More staff, more volunteers, more fosters, more money, more donations… and it’s always hard asking YOU all for more. But please know that, together, our tireless work and our hard-earned dollars come with such a such a great reward when we know we are making such a dramatic change!
Together, we are saving lives.
Tom Hubric, Executive Director

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